Hello Campers!

This week, Tuesday falls on Christmas Eve, so we’re switching things up at Sleepaway Camp. What with everyone being busy for the holidays, we decided to forgo the traditional show and bring you a special Sleepaway Camp Open Mic! Open to all who come, you can go up on the WORLD FAMOUS© Downtown Independent stage for a couple of minutes of pure bliss! Do you realize the kind of HEAT™ that’s been on that stage!? Now YOU can be a part of the action! So if you’re stuck in L.A. for the holidays and have nothing better to do on the night of Christmas Eve, why not enjoy some people trying to make you laugh??

Sign Ups at 8:45
Lottery at 9:00
Ends at 11:30

Hosted by Austin Wolf-Sothern, Travis Rust, and Ryan Schumaker.

Audiences welcome!